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Readers will better understand certain aspects of the lectures published if they bear in mind that the Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov"s Teaching was exclusively oral and that the editors have made every effort to respect the flavor and style of each lecture.

The Master"s Teaching is more than a body of doctrines: it is an organic whole, and his way of presenting it was to approach it from countless different points of view. By repeating certain aspects in a wide variety of contexts he constantly reveals a new dimension of the Whole and, at the same time, throws new light on the individual aspects and on their vital links with each other.
The Mental and Astral Planes

You now understand that the masculine principles always comes before the feminine principle. This is why, in the human body, the region of the mind, the mental plane – which is masculine – is above the region of the heart, the astral plane – which is feminine. In order for the vital currents that nourish the Universe to flow harmoniously within us, therefore, the mental plane, our mind, must be turned toward the divine world and the astral plane, the heart, must be turned toward the mental plane. When the mental faculties turn away fro the divine world and become attached to the manifestations of the astral plane, they are no longer in harmony with the universal order and the currents of live cannot circulate as they should.

In every circumstance, intelligence – that is, the powers of thought – must be given priority over feelings and sentiments. Let me show you one more example of how this rule applies. Why do so many people suffer from a lack of psychic equilibrium? It is because they are too impressionable. They are open to every influence, both good and bad, and in the long run they become totally confused. They need to reflect, to study the disparate influences that solicit them and to analyze the effect these have on their inner life, so as to open themselves only to those that are beneficial and to reject all others. This is just one case in which the masculine principle must come first, and those who are eager to develop mediumistic faculties should be very clear about this, for mediumship is a typically feminine activity, in that it requires receptivity. The crystal ball used by mediums as the physical support for their psychic insight is the equivalent of the feminine principle in nature, water. To be a medium implies that one is receptive to the spirits and currents of the invisible world. But these spirits and currents are not all luminous, pure, and benign, and those who have not studied and prepared themselves to perceive their true nature, who have not developed the will-power needed to repulse the darker entities, will fall a victim to their wiles.

One must be extremely prudent in one's approach to invisible realities – not only prudent, but also mentally and psychologically robust. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of the occult sciences, more and more people hear talk of black magic, and because it is so much talked about, they begin to se signs of it everywhere. As soon as something difficult of painful happens, they attribute it to black magic – they say that somebody has put a spell on them. But what do they take themselves for? Do they think they are such important, powerful figures that the whole world has to band together to get rid of them? No, their problem is simply that they are ignorant and vulnerable. They have developed the receptive side of their nature to such a degree, and are so accustomed to dabbling in the sensations and emotions of the astral plane, that they accuse others of being responsible for their problems instead of realizing that they have brought them on themselves. On the other hand, there are those who never think about black magic and who laugh off any mention of it because they do not really believe that it exists, but at least, instead of trembling with fear when they are faced with a difficulty, they react energetically.

Unfortunately, it is true: black magic does exist. But you must not allow the fear of it to influence you unduly, for that will only weaken and paralyze you. If you dwell on the idea that people could be working black magic on you, you will attract negative vibrations. Yes, for weakness attracts bad vibrations and all the dark, negative influences floating in the atmosphere. It is like what happens in an epidemic: if you are vulnerable and receptive, you will catch the infection from others, but if you are strong, healthy, and emissive, you will come through it unharmed.

So, instead of working your heads about black magic, concentrate on becoming stronger. Think of light, work with light, and the light within you will repulse negative influences. A rapidly spinning wheel throws off mud, but if it begins to turn more slowly, mud sticks to it. If a spring produces a vigorous stream of water, it will wash away all the leaves and twigs that threaten to block the flow. You must become like a spring. Do not let yourselves by psychically lazy. Why do so many human beings take refuge in weakness and sentimentality? Instead of reacting by thinking things out, reasoning, and looking for solutions, they become completely passive. They mope and moan in the hope that others will pity them, and when somebody says, "Oh, you poor thing, I do sympathize," their tears flow even faster. They are like children. When a child falls it begins to cry, and if you say, "Poor little one, what a big bump! It hurts so much," it will cry all the more bitterly. But if you say, "Look, it's not much, just a tiny bump. Go back to your game," the tears will stop and the mishap will immediately be forgotten.

One has to use one's intelligence when trying to help human beings, otherwise one simply drives them deeper into their weaknesses. Too many adults are like children, forever weeping over their misfortunes. And too many of their ignorant friends, in the belief that they are being helpful, are forever trying to console them. Henceforth, you must react differently by calling on the masculine principle, the faculties of thought, and the mental plane.

My advice to you all is not to worry about black magic. Above all, do not believe that you can so easily be attacked by it. If you work mentally to link yourselves to celestial entities, to light, you will be quite safe. In fact, if somebody tried to injure you with magic, they would injure only themselves, for they would receive the backlash. Evil cannot penetrate a being who is occupied by angels. It is repelled and falls back on the one who sent it. Hold on to this thought, for it will protect you. But if you allow yourselves always to feel weak, vulnerable and unprotected, you will, indeed, be in danger.

There, this is one of the practical applications of the law of the two principles: why and when you should be receptive, why and when you should be emissive.

        Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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