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Daily Meditation for Friday, November 28, 2014
‘Ask and it will be given to you’ - commentary
"We are told in the Gospels, ‘Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.’ But, for this to be granted, we still need to have created the right conditions. Unless we have worked beforehand, we will be given nothing, we will find nothing and the door will not be opened for us. The best way to ask, search and knock is to begin by working.

And I might even add that if we give priority to spiritual work, the day will come when we will no longer need to ask, search or knock. Heaven is watching over us and knows what we need, and it will give it without our even asking for anything. We will no longer need to search, because by working to purify our thoughts, feelings and actions we will discover truth. Lastly, we will no longer need to knock – since we want to live the life of Christ, the doors will open before us and we will be free. Yes, these are the new Gospels."

Thought of the Week for Nov 23 - Nov 29, 2014
Think Positive
" If you want to get up the following morning in a good frame of mind, full of joy and hope, put good thoughts in your mind before going to bed so they can work during the night. Never go to sleep holding a negative thought, because during your sleep it will continue to act.

And if, just as you are going to sleep, you are overwhelmed by anxiety, get up, turn on the light, do some breathing exercises, say a prayer or read a page of inspiring thought… and then go back to bed. If after a few moments this uneasiness returns, get up and start all over again. In some situations the position of the body is extremely important, and you cannot effectively contend with anxiety when you are lying down. If you are afraid of catching cold, put some clothes on, but do not stay in bed. In the horizontal position you are more passive. If you are to master the situation and resist, in certain circumstances you must get up.
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