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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Essence of life - is to be found within
"Many men and women have put an end to their life, even if, as we say, ‘they had everything they needed to be happy’: youth, beauty, intelligence, wealth, family and friends who loved them... They had everything except the most important thing: their taste for life; none of the advantages they had, external or internal, or even the affection of those around them, could give them that.

So it is within themselves that people have work to do, it is inwardly in their soul and in their spirit that they should search for what they need. Only their soul and their spirit will teach them the meaning of life, give them the essence of life, so that no matter what the situation, they will not falter. In the worst situations, they can unite with celestial entities and will feel overjoyed, filled with light. When the cause of your happiness, your fulfillment, is within you, nothing and nobody can deprive you of it. The day you decide to seek the essence within yourself, you will be on the path of freedom, of immortality, of eternity."

Thought of the Week for Feb 19 - Feb 25, 2017
To Love Yourself
" Those who believe man should not love himself are mistaken. It is normal to love yourself, for nature herself gave this instinct to her children. But you must learn to love yourself and at the same time be conscious of your worth as a son or daughter of God. Do people truly love themselves when they eat and drink anything whatsoever and in any manner whatsoever? When they smoke, lead unbalanced lives and endlessly ruminate on destructive thoughts and feelings? No. Loving yourself means seeing to it that you allow nothing harmful to gain access to you, whether physical or psychic. By purifying yourself you prepare certain conditions so that luminous entities will come to visit you. And if you are careful not to harm others in any way, if instead you help, comfort and console others, here again you prepare conditions such that the Lord will come and make his dwelling in you and bring you all his blessings. This is how you must love yourself. "
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