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Daily Meditation for Sunday, September 25, 2016 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Spirituality - making the physical body an instrument of spirit
"Spirituality does not consist in despising or neglecting the physical body but in making it an instrument of spirit. That is why the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood provides numerous methods to purify and regenerate the physical body. All the most natural actions of everyday life, those that are vital to life itself, such as breathing, eating, drinking, washing, walking, sleeping and talking, can in this way become opportunities to do this work of regeneration. It is through these actions that our spirit gains more and more power to manifest.

Having ways of accomplishing this does not suffice; an enlightened consciousness is also necessary for understanding why they exist and how to apply them. For methods are only tools. The words or gestures we repeat can only release their power if they are given substance, and giving them substance, assumes we have a philosophy. Methods can only be valid if they are sustained by a way of thinking; and this way of thinking must be intensified."

Thought of the Week for Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2016
The Goal of an Initiatic School
" Human beings must become conscious of the different elements that constitute their being – spirit, soul, intellect, heart, will and physical body – and then strive to harmonize them. This is obviously very difficult, but until they succeed, until they achieve unity within themselves, they cannot gain possession of all their possibilities.

One of the goals of an initiatic school is to teach us to create this unity, to focus all our activities and all our faculties on one point. Whether it be our soul, spirit, intellect, heart, stomach or sexual organs, we must give each the goal of perfecting us, of illuminating our entire being. Once this unity has been achieved in each one of us, we can all concentrate on the light together and produce beneficial effects for the whole world.
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