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Daily Meditation for Sunday, April 30, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
God - a centre around which everything within us must organise itself
"Have you seen a classroom before the teacher arrives? The children are all running around, shouting and squabbling among themselves. This is normal, because ‘when the cat is away, the mice will play.’ But look what happens when the teacher comes in: within seconds, all the children sit down because the head, the leader has arrived. Well, these same laws exist within us. God is the head, the leader, the centre, but on condition we allow him in, otherwise chaos will reign within us.

When I hear someone say, ‘I have no need for God, I can get along without him,’ I agree that he can get along very well without him, but in what disorder, what darkness and at what cost! The head, God, establishes order among the cells of our organism. When He is present they work in perfect harmony, and life circulates. It is essential to have God as the centre within you because it is this point, at the centre, which organizes and harmonizes our entire inner being."

Thought of the Week for Apr 30 - May 06, 2017
What Is Above Is Below
" With its roots, its trunk, its branches which bear leaves, flowers and fruits, a tree teaches us about the relationship between what is above and what is below. Buried in the soil, the roots absorb elements from the earth and use them to create raw sap, which then rises through the trunk and is transformed into a refined sap. Far from the air and light, these roots carry out a thankless task, knowing nothing but obstacles and limitation. As for the trunk, it thrusts heavenwards and is the conduit for an intense activity: at its core are channels through which the raw sap rises, and at its periphery are channels through which the refined sap descends. As the trunk gradually grows higher and stronger, it is embellished with new branches, which sway happily in the light, offering us the life and beauty of their leaves, flowers and fruits. But it is the work carried out by the roots that produces these leaves, flowers and fruits, and it is the same with us. "
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