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Daily Meditation for Thursday, June 22, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Cells of our body - a populace which observes and imitates us
"By means of gestures, words, facial expressions, and clothes, a person makes an effort to be presentable when they go out to meet others. But when they are alone at home, they let themself go, because no one can see them. But are they really alone? No, they are inhabited by an entire population, by their cells which are living and intelligent entities. This populace observes them, and its scrutiny is much more severe than that of society, because it is not impressed with their carefully studied clothes or gestures, but with who they are, deep down.

So think more often about these citizens within you because if they feel you are allowing yourself to become inwardly lazy, sensual, unstable or violent, they say, ‘Since our master is setting us this example, we are going to imitate him, and he shall see what he shall see!’ And they rebel, not only in your psychic body but also in your physical body. On the contrary, however, if you know how to set a good example for them, this community is capable of working wonders."

Thought of the Week for Jun 18 - Jun 24, 2017
Work on Yourself
" Through his higher Self, every human being is a divinity who lives in a sublime region where there is no sickness, suffering, limitation or darkness. But humans cannot yet feel or manifest this life of plenitude that exists on high, because their lower nature will not allow it. It is obtuse, narrow-minded, maladjusted and poorly tuned, exactly like a radio that is unable to receive certain frequencies.

Waves propagated in the sublime regions by cosmic Intelligence are very short and very fast. Because our own matter is so thick and opaque, it cannot vibrate in harmony with these divine messages, and they slip by us without leaving a trace. Until we have worked on ourselves and refined our psychic matter, we will know nothing of our higher Self.
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