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Daily Meditation for Friday, February 23, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Divine energies - prepare channels so that they can circulate
"To channel water, you dig ditches; to light your house, you install electric wires; and to receive radio and television programmes, you need equipment with circuits that will transmit sound and images.

Why these examples? To help you understand that human beings need to inscribe something in themselves – circuits and channels – in order to capture divine energies and allow them to circulate. How can people think that God’s wisdom, love and willpower will find a path in them if they have prepared nothing, if they have not prepared the way? This path is etched by your actions, but also, of course, by the thoughts and feelings which anticipate these actions. If nothing is prepared, the divine energies which circulate in space will not flow to you, they will go elsewhere."

Thought of the Week for Feb 18 - Feb 24, 2018
" The greatest riches are found in the light, so learn to seek the light and nourish yourself with it, for you will become not only rich but generous. Those who feel rich experience the need to give. They open their heart and are filled with love for all creatures.

It is poverty, whether material or spiritual, that engenders hatred. When you notice people who manifest neither love, nobility nor generosity, it is because they are inwardly destitute. Their sense of deprivation renders them jealous, mean and hateful. Those who are truly rich never feel hostility towards anyone. And it is the sages, the initiates and the great masters who are truly rich. Because they have always sought the light, they live in such abundance that they feel the need to give. Even if they are destitute, they never express envy or hatred, because inwardly they live in plenitude.
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