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Daily Meditation for Thursday, June 30, 2016
Practices, spiritual - on what conditions they open us up to celestial currents
"Prayers, fasting, ablutions, etc. The function of all the practices prescribed by religions the world over, is to prepare people to receive heaven’s influences and messages correctly. But the essential thing is not the practices themselves, it is the determination to purify themselves: to improve their thoughts, feelings and actions. Anyone who has not decided to carry out this work would do better to leave spiritual practices alone, for they would otherwise be a danger to themselves and to others.

Unless they have rid themselves of certain prejudices and bias, nothing is more dangerous than spiritual practices. They create the delusion of a righteous being, a spokesperson, an instrument of heaven. As a result of this, we have seen some become torturers of their family, even of their people. Only those who have practised disinterestedness and love of others are able to perceive and transmit messages from the divine world."

Thought of the Week for Jun 26 - Jul 02, 2016
Stay Balanced
" As a conscious entity, the human being stands at the frontier between the lower and higher worlds. If he is not vigilant, he is drawn in by the dark forces of the lower world which crush and devour him. And once he is devoured he is thrown out, because nothing is left of him. Whereas if he is attracted and absorbed by the forces of the higher world, everything brightens and he becomes a centre of luminous, powerful and beneficial currents.

While you must strive to escape the attraction of the lower world, however, you must not abandon yourself completely to the attractions of the higher world. Your mission is to work on earth using the forces of heaven, without losing sight of the balance that must be maintained between heaven and earth. Since you are here on earth, you must not abandon it prematurely. If you upset this balance in an attempt to hasten your return to heaven, you will perhaps live in the immensity, in the light, but you will fail to fulfill your mission, which is to work on earth with the resources of heaven.
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