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Daily Meditation for Friday, December 9, 2016 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Life - renewing it within ourselves in order to always be appreciated
"How disappointing for an artist who has been idolised by the crowds to be forgotten and replaced by others! But however much it eats away at them, and they feel it is unfair, that is how it is – the public is pitiless and looks for novelty. And those they acclaimed are soon replaced by others, and those new ones by other newer ones, unless they know the secret of how to renew the life within them.

This law is not valid only for artists, it is valid for everyone. If you can radiate new life each day, new life that is love, light and purity, no one will ever want to replace you, even if you live to be 300. One doesn’t replace the sun. Husbands replace their wives and wives their husbands, on all kinds of pretexts. But the real reason is that each has allowed their life to stagnate. No one seeks to replace beings who radiate life, for life is what everyone needs most."

Thought of the Week for Dec 04 - Dec 10, 2016
The Role of Form
" The role of form is to keep its contents intact. It serves therefore as a receptacle, as something that sets limits. But after a certain time it becomes a prison, and if the contents are not to remain immobilized and imprisoned in this form, we must abandon it and pour the contents into a new form. In every sphere, movement is the law of life. Life is a perpetual outpouring that requires new forms in which to express itself. After a certain time, life itself breaks these forms, because it needs new channels through which to express new riches, new light, new splendours. This is why forms must disappear after a certain time, to allow for other manifestations of greater subtlety and nuance. "
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