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Daily Meditation for Saturday, March 25, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Mastering ourdestiny - do not count on anything that comes from the outside
"Those who want to be master of their destiny must not attach so much importance to what comes to them from the outside: difficulties or opportunities, gains or losses. They should just work, knowing that all possibilities are within them, and as a result they will become stronger and increasingly capable of facing all situations – the setbacks as well as the successes, for successes like the setbacks have their dangers.

Whatever realm it may be, you must not trust any outward gain or success. If they come to you, they are welcome, of course, but do not count on them, for nothing outside you is permanent or really belongs to you. Sooner or later it will slip through your hands. You must simply work to strengthen yourself inwardly, to enrich yourself inwardly, in your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit, so that everything you have acquired is yours forever. And thus you will always feel free and independent. "

Thought of the Week for Mar 19 - Mar 25, 2017
True Peace
" So many people believe they will at last find peace by changing their apartment, friends, career, country, religion, husband or wife! A little tranquility, a respite, yes, but in no time, wherever they are, new torments will come and assail them. Why? Because they have not understood that peace depends on a change in their way of thinking, feeling and behaving. When they make some of these changes, peace will come to dwell in them, even if they stay in the same place with the same problems.

True peace does not depend on conditions outside ourselves. It comes from within; it springs forth and inundates us, in spite of all the turbulence and trepidation in the world. Those who possess this peace and are able to dispense it, to spread it around them as something real and alive, become true sons and daughters of God.
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