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Daily Meditation for Wednesday, August 4, 2021 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Horoscope - thought is dynamic when Mars and Mercury are well aspected
"It is very important to know how to be active and dynamic by means of thought. In a horoscope, this quality is indicated when Mars and Mercury are in conjunction or well aspected. However, Jupiter, as well as Venus and the Sun must also be involved, otherwise there will be power, but it will not be beneficial in nature. Mars and Mercury provide capacity, strength, dynamism and ardour, but they do not necessarily push in the right direction. They are intellectual forces, forces of willpower that can be used for good or for evil. But if Jupiter, Venus and the Sun also have their say, all this activity is oriented in the best direction: devotion to collective life, to light and divine glory."

Thought of the Week for Aug 1 - Aug 7, 2021
Universal Oneness
" Outwardly we will always remain separate individuals, with one physical body, one name and one identity. Inwardly, however, we must unite and form one collective being so that we may learn to live cosmic life, universal life. Two people may love each other so much that they feel they are one. They have two separate bodies, nevertheless, and there is no way to make them amalgamate. Even when they kiss, however deep their love, they remain two separate beings. And when they catch a bus or go to the theatre, they will always need two tickets and two seats. Only in their mind can they be one.

In this very same way all human beings can be one, and this feeling of oneness is not subject to physical proximity. Thousands of kilometres may separate us, but we can still feel together, united. Let us therefore endeavour to introduce this idea of unity into our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, and we will then form one single family on earth whilst still remaining separate individuals.
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