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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
Angels and Other Mysteries of The Tree of Life
Think for a minute about what electricity is and how we use it, and you will have some notion, however approximate, of God. We use electricity to light and heat our houses, and power all kinds of machines and appliances, but we have to be very careful of how we handle it, for it is easy to cause an accident. Direct contact with an electric current can be fatal. In order to harness and use it without danger, we have to channel it through transformers. The same can be said of God: God is like a pure current of electricity which has to pass through transformers before it reaches us. And the transformers that God uses are the countless luminous beings that populate the heavens, known to tradition as the choirs of angels or angelic hierarchies. It is through them that we receive divine life; it is through them that we can be in contact with God. Human beings are often like rudderless boats adrift on the tide. Fortunately, thanks to their family, their studies, their profession, or simply their social life, they have a few rules and an external frame of reference to guide them, but inwardly many of them are like little boats floating in mid-ocean without a compass or chart. You will say that many people have a religion. That is true, and religion would help them tremendously if its official representatives were able to teach them how to understand and control their inner life. It is not my intention to criticize churches or the clergy; in any case, many others have already done so with greater eloquence than I could muster. All I want is to show you how to achieve the goal of all religions: to establish a link with God.
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