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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, February 7, 2023 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Praying - enter into your secret room and shut the door
"Jesus said, ‘When you pray, go into your room, shut the door, and pray to your Father who is in the secret place.’ This secret room that Jesus speaks of is a symbol with great depth. Suppose that you are on the street and you would like to talk to a friend who is in another city – you cannot. In order to talk to them, you must go into a phone booth; there, you will find a device, dial a number and your call will go through. If you do not go in, you can talk and you can shout, but your friend will not hear you. Like phone booths, this secret room that Jesus speaks of is well equipped with devices that allow you to communicate with heaven.

Once you have entered the phone booth, you close the door so that you can listen and speak in silence. In the same way, there is also a very silent place within you, and you must shut the door after entering. Shutting the door means not letting thoughts and desires unrelated to the prayer enter into you. At that point, you can address your request to heaven and you will receive an answer.*"

Thought of the Week for Feb 5 - Feb 11, 2023
What Are You Feeding?
" Each animal species (insects, wild animals, mammals, reptiles, birds) has a specific diet. You can try your own experiment: leave a few crumbs of food in a room – right away certain bugs will appear. If it is honey you will have wasps, if it is cheese you will have mice. How did they sense from afar that there was something for them to nibble on? But as soon as you clean up, they disappear.

This phenomenon explains how when people entertain certain thoughts, desires or feelings that are neither luminous nor pure, entities that like these impurities immediately arrive and settle in to feed off of them. But if people purify themselves, if they become reasonable, these entities leave them to make way for luminous spirits. Very few people know how to read from the book of living nature that is right there in front of them. You will say that these are only small details; yes, but they have boundless applications in the psychic life.
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