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217 pages, 4 ill. 1 photo
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Table of Contents

Yesod reflects the Virtues of All the Sephiroth
Part I. Purity : Purity is a Question of Nourishment
    Sorting and Selecting
    Purity and the Spiritual Life
    Purity in the Three Worlds
    The River of Life
    Purity and Peace
    The Magic of Trusting
    Purity and Speech
    To Find Purity
    Blessed are the Pure in Heart
    The Gates of the New Jerusalem
Part II. Love and Sex
Part III. Realization - The Spring
    Fasting - Washing - The Real Baptism
    The Angels of the Four Elements

Yesod, the ninth Sephirah on the cabbalistic Tree of Life, is the symbol of a pure life. Taking purity as the basis of his spiritual teaching (Yesod means 'base' in Hebrew), Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov renews in our times the sense and significance of the ancient Initiations enriched by his own innumerable discoveries. He has personally practised and experimented at length with the rules and exercises he proposes for our use ; their purpose is to liberate man and awaken in every fibre of his being the vital, harmonious forces of Divine life.
As long as men put their own private interests ahead of the interests of the collectivity, the whole, they will never solve their problems. By "interests of the collectivity", I am not referring only to human beings, but to the whole Universe, that men are using as they wish, to gratify their own desires. Look at the way animals are exploited, trees destroyed, mountains and the sea polluted. Once men develop the technical means, you will see what they will do with the sun, the moon and other planets. Humans use everything that exists for one purpose: their own material satisfaction.
All thus must change: the means must now become the goal. We must make universal brotherhood, universal harmony, our goal, and put all the means at our disposal, our qualities, faculties, talents, strength and energy, to work toward that end. Only then will the problems of mankind be resolved.