Education Begins Before Birth
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Table of Contents

1. The First Priority: Educating Parents
2. Education Begins before Birth
3. A Blueprint for the Future of Mankind
4. Don't Neglect Your Children
5. A New Understanding of a Mother's Love
6. The Magic Word
7. Never Let Your Children be Idle
8. Prepare Your Children for Adult Life
9. Protect Your Children's Sense of Wonder
10. Love without Weakness
11. Education versus Instruction

Is it possible for education to begin before birth? Yes. Because true education is primarily subconscious. A child is not a little animal which you can start training as soon as it is old enough. A mother can have a beneficial influence on her child in the womb through the harmony of her thoughts, acts and feelings. And this pre-natal influence must be faithfully continued once the baby is born, for, as all parents should realize, a tiny baby is highly sensitive to its environment. Ultimately, it is by example that parents and pedagogues should accomplish their educational mission.
How many people who decide to have children have ever stopped to ask themselves whether they are fitted to do so? Are they healthy? Do they have the means to provide for them properly? And, above all, do they have the qualities they need to be a constant example and to give their children security and consolation in all circumstances? They never even talk about it. They bring children into the world and leave them to bring themselves up. And the children do what they can on their own and then, one day, they too have children in the same deplorable conditions as their parents.