Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
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138 pages
ISBN 2-85566-299-0

Table of Contents

1. The Winged Dragon
2. Love and Sexuality
3. The Sexual Force is Essential for Life on Earth
4. Pleasure: I - Do not Seek Pleasure for it Will Impoverish You
4. Pleasure: II - Replace Pleasure with Work
5. The Dangers of Tantric Yoga
6. Love without Waiting to be Loved
7. Love is Everywhere in the Universe
8. Spiritual Love is a Higher Way of Feeding Ourselves
9. A High Ideal Transforms Sexual Energy
10. Open Your Love to a Higher Path

The dragon is not pure fiction: it is the symbol of our instinctive, primitive forces and is common to all mythologies as well as to early Christian iconography. The great challenge of the spiritual life is to conquer, tame and use those forces to reach the highest summits of the spirit. The fact that this fire-breathing monster with the tail of a serpent also has wings shows that the forces it embodies have a spiritual destination.
Sexual energy is like petrol: if you are ignorant and use it carelessly you will burn yourself; your very quintessence will be destroyed by this all-consuming force. But Initiates, who know how to handle it, use it to move freely about the universe. This is the true meaning of the winged dragon.