A Philosophy of Universality
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178 pages, 1 ill.
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Table of Contents

1. What is a Sect?
2. No Church is Eternal
3. The Spirit Behind the Form
4. The Advent of the Church of St. John
5. The Foundations of a Universal Religion
6. The Great Universal White Brotherhood
7. For a Universal Notion of the Family
8. Brotherhood, a Higher State of Consciousness
9. The Annual Conventions at the Bonfin
10. The Universal Dimension of All Our Activities

For the last few decades, men have been trying to deal with the world's problems on a global scale and, for this purpose, have created countless cutlural and political organizations. But it is not enough to create associations dedicated to universality. As long as each one of the members has not devoted his or her life to universality, these organizations are powerless. Universal consciousness is the fruit of patient learning and practice, for which Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives us the basic elements in this book.
The advantage of the collective life is that it obliges the individual human being to tune in to others, and each one advances thanks to the fact that he is synchronized with the whole. And as the human collectivity tends toward harmony with a vaster collectivity, the cosmic collectivity, when a human being tries to live in harmony with others of his kind, he enters into contact with Cosminc Intelligence and receives its blessings.