The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
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172 pages
ISBN 2-85566-403-9

Table of Contents

1. Towards a Better Understanding of Peace
2. The Advantages of Unity amongst Nations
3. Aristocracy and Democracy
4. About Money
5. The Distribution of Wealth
6. Communism and Capitalism
7. Towards a New Understanding of Economics
8. What Every Politician Should Know
9. The Kingdom of God

Everyone agrees that peace is essential. And yet they continually feed the fires of conflict within their own hearts and in society, in politics and economics. As long as we do not master our own disordered thoughts and feelings, we cannot hope to create durable peace around us. When peace reigns within us then, and then only, can we truly contribute to peace in the world.
Many people think that they are working for world peace although, in fact, they are not actually doing anything to bring it about. They don't realize that the first step is to establish the reign of peace and harmony in every cell, every atom, every particle of their physical and psychic being, so that peace emanates from them into the world. They write endless books and convene endless peace conferences; everyone agrees that peace is the one thing they want, and yet they continue to feed the fires of conflict in their own hearts. In these conditions, what kind of peace can they hope to bring to the world? When peace reigns in a man's own thought, feelings and actions then, and then only, can he truly contribute to peace in the world.