The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
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173 pages, 2 ill.
ISBN 2-85566-775-5

Table of Contents

1. The Serpent of Genesis
2. What Good is Evil?
3. Beyond Good and Evil
4. Until the Harvest
5. The Philosophy of Unity
6. Into the Wilderness to Be Tempted
7. The Undesirables
8. Suicide is not the Answer
9. The Real Weapons
10. The Science of the Initiates, or the Inner Lamps.

The solution of the question of evil lies in knowing the methods of how to work with it and to use its power. What-ever its origin, evil is an inner and outer reality which con-fronts us daily and which we have to learn to deal with. To attack it head-on is not only useless but dangerous: the odds are too heavily against us. So we have to learn the methods to use in order to gain the upper hand and transform evil into good.
For thousands of years human beings have tried to understand how the world began and how evil and its attendant ills came into this world. The explanations they found were often presented in the forms of myths, and this is why the sacred scriptures of all religions contain symbolical accounts, which can be understood only if we have the key to their interpretation. The Christian tradition, for instance, has adopted the account given by Moses in the Book of Genesis, but does this mean that Christians really understand it?