Light is a Living Spirit
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139 pages, 10 ill.
ISBN 2-85566-391-1

Table of Contents

1. Light : Essence of Creation
2. The Sun's Rays, their Nature and Activity
3. Gold is Condensed Sunlight
4. Light Enables us to See and be Seen
5. Working with Light
6. The Prism : a Symbol of Man
7. Purity Clears the Way for Light
8. Living with the Intensity of Light
9. The Spiritual Laser

Light is held by tradition to be the living substance of the universe from which God created the world. Recently, thanks to the development of the laser, light has become a formidable instrument for the exploration and transformation of matter. Light offers us an infinite range of possibilities both on the material and the spiritual planes. Here Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov invites us to explore the spiritual potential of light, to understand above all that it is the only truly effective means available with which to transform ourselves and the world around us.
Light travels through space at about 300,000 kilometres a second; this means that it moves faster than anything else we know in the whole of the physical world, Why is it that Cosmic Intelligence has endowed light with a greter capacity for speed than anything else? With the exception of the Initiates who, from time immemorial, have always given first place in their philosophy to light, no one has ever paused to wonder why this is, or to reflect on its consequences for the spiritual life.