Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres
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148 pages, 14 ill.
ISBN 1-85566-383-0

Table of Contents

1. Human Evolution and the Development of the Spiritual Organs
2. The Aura
3. The Solar Plexus
4. The Hara Centre
5. Kundalini Force
6. The Chakras: The Chakra System
    I. The Chakra System
    II. Ajna and Sahasrara

For thousands of years men have worked to multiply and amplify the sensations and perceptions entering their consciousness through their five senses, and it is this play on the keyboard of the senses that thay call civilization and culture. Well, is this not rather meagre? However much we cultivate and refine our five senses they will always be sverely limited in scope for they belong to the physical plane: they will never be capable any reality above and beyond the physical.
Until human beings recognize that there are other areas that invite exploration, other dimensions to see, touch and breathe, they will never experience new, richer, more far-reaching or subtler sensations. Each of our organs is specialized: it has its own particular function to perform and it can convey only its own particular type of sensation. In order to experience other, new sensations, we must call into play those other, subtler organs and centers which we all possess.