Harmony and Health
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174 pages
ISBN 2-85566-443-8

Table of Contents

1. Life Comes First
2. The World of Harmony
3. Harmony and Health
4. The Spiritual Foundations of Medicine
5. Respiration and Nutrition
6. Respiration:
    I. The Effects of Respiration on Health
    II. How to Melt into the Harmony of the Cosmos
7. Nutrition on the Different Planes
8. How to Become Tireless
9. Cultivate an Attitude of Contentment

If you are ill, it's because you harbour disorder within yourself: you have nourished certain thoughts, feelings and attitudes that have finally affected your health. The best weapon against illness is harmony. Night and day think about synchronizing yourself with the whole of life - limitless life, cosmic life.
One rarely hears someone talking about the importance of being contented and satisfied. Very few people realize how terribly destructive it is always to be dissatisfied with everything and everyone and to introduce a climate of disharmony wherever one goes. And what is even more serious is the modern tendency to consider contentment to be a sign of unintelligence and a lack of sophistication, whereas an attitude of dissatisfaction is seen as a sign of intelligence.