Looking into the Invisible: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
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217 pages, 3 ill.
ISBN 2-85566-862-X

Table of Contents

1. The Visible and the Invisible
2. The Limited Vision of the Intellect, The Infinite Vision of Intuition
3. The Entrance to the Invisible World: From Yesod to Tiphareth
4. Clairvoyance: Activity and Receptivity
5. Should We Consult Clairvoyants ?
6. Love and Your Eyes Will be Opened
7. Messages From Heaven
8. Visible and Invisible Light: Svetlina and Videlina
9. The Higher Degrees of Clairvoyance
10. The Spiritual Eye
11. To See God
12. The True Magic Mirror: The Universal Soul
13. Dream and Reality
14. Sleep, an Image of Death
15. Protect Yourself While You Are Asleep
16. Astral Projection While Asleep
17. Physical and Psychic Havens
18. The Sources of Inspiration
19. Sensation is Preferable to Vision

Meditation, mediumship, astral projection and dreams can give us access to the invisible world but the quality of the revelations we receive depends on our degree of evolution. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov warns: 'You must not imagine that, just because someone is gifted as a medium, he necessarily has access to every region of the invisible world; on the contrary, he will see only that which corresponds to his own level of consciousness, his own thoughts and desires'.
If you want to be in communication with Heavenly entities, with Divine Splendor, you must purify yourself, broaden the scope of your consciousness and work for the highest ideal: the brotherhood of all men, the Kingdom of God. When you do this, your emanations become purer, your vibrations subtler and, not only will the spirits of light allow you to reach them, but they themselves will come to you, for they will find hourishment in you.