Youth: Creators of the Future
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194 pages
ISBN 1-895978-01-7

Table of Contents

1. Youth, a World in Gestation
2. The Foundation Stone of Life: Faith in a Creator
3. A Sense of the Sacred
4. The Voice of our Higher Nature
5. Choosing the Right Direction
6. Knowledge Cannot Give Meaning to Life
7. Character Counts for More than Knowledge
8. Learning to Handle Success and Failure
9. Recognize the Aspirations of Soul and Spirit
10. The Divine World, Our Own Inner World
11. Did you Choose Your Own Family?
12. Benefit From the Experience of Older People
13. Compare Yourself to Those Who Are Greater
14. The Will Must be Sustained by Love
15. Never Admit Defeat
16. Never Give Way to Despair
17. Artists of the Future
18. Sexual Freedom
19. Preserve the Poetry of Your Love
20. Members of One Universal Family (I) (II)

If we remember that there is a correspondence between the life of a human being and that of nature, we can say that a young person's formative years can be compared to the period when the earth itself was being formed. At that time, no organized form of life was possible on earth, for it was nothing but a seething mass of molten matter constantly racked by volcanic eruptions... Nothing solid can be built on such unstable ground, and this means that before they can become a hos-pitable environment for plants, animals and human beings, symbolically speaking, young people have to introduce an element of moderation, control and harmony into their lives. It is this that constitutes the transition from youth to adulthood: the transition from an unorganized, chaotic, unstable life to a life that is rich and full and beneficial both to oneself and to others.
What kind of people are most likely to command our respect and admiration? Those who have struggled and transcended themselves, who have triumphed over all obstacles and ordeals. Why do young people admire athletes so much? Because they are continually striving to do better. Even if only in running or jumping or swimming or climbing, endurance and courage and a readiness to exert oneself are always considered admirable qualities. Would it not be worthwile to try to manifest these same qualities in your everyday lives? Instead of focusing on running farther, swimming faster, jumping higher or catching and kicking a ball more accuratley, it would be better to tell yourself, 'I will be more patient when things are difficult; I will overcome grief and sadness; I will learn to control myself better!'